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A Realistic Guide to Fall in September

September! It’s finally here! We can officially enjoy all things pumpkin and all things fall! The only problem’s 80 degrees, and I’m sweating just thinking about my sweaters and ugg boots. Does anyone else get a little bit sad when the warm weather doesn’t cooperate with their fall fantasies?

I admit, I had a meltdown at the end of August because I was over the heat. It was sweltering and the rows of sweaters and light jackets that started to line the shelves at Target felt like they were mocking me. The neutral colored shacket was beckoning me, asking me to try her on and fall in love, but then laughing and reminding me I have to wait another 6-8 weeks before I’m able to fully enjoy her. Hmph.

Dramatic much? Yes. But honestly, after weeks (months?) of one heartbreaking news story after another, I’m grasping at the little things that bring me small bits of everyday joy. And for me, the transition from summer to fall is one of those things.

Instead of feeling disappointment that I can’t quite pull out my fall sweaters and boots just yet, I’ve put together a list of things that are full of fall spirit, but have nothing to do with the weather outside. For my west coast friends, this list will probably be how you celebrate fall times all the time, but for my east coast friends who feel the same frustration I have at the continued heat and humidity - I hope you find this list especially helpful!

Fall Iced Coffee

I drink iced coffee all summer long, and switching to hot coffee always feels like the start of cozy season. Fall iced coffee is the perfect transitional fall treat, and is perfect for September! You’ll probably find me switching between iced coffee and hot coffee this month (I just can’t help myself) but on days where I’m on the go, a fall iced coffee hits the spot. This almond milk pumpkin creamer is subtle and perfect for iced coffee at home, and if I'm going out - Here's how I order my go-to fall drink at Starbucks!

*Order an iced grande americano

*Add one pump apple, one pump brown sugar syrup

*Splash of almond milk

* Top with cinnamon!

Fall Manicures

It’s not quite time for fall clothing, unless you wanna melt, but you can rock a fall mani, no matter how hot it is outside. I tend to stick to pinks and neutrals, which are appropriate at any time of year, but even these shades can reflect the season! I recently scooped up World Lit and Study Hall, two new shades from Olive and June’s Fall collection, and they both fit nicely into my collection of pinks and neutrals. Study Hall is a dusty pink that I definitely consider a neutral, and World Lit is a really pretty mauve that gives me Virgo vibes. A World Lit mani makes me feel like I have my life together, and wearing both colors on one hand makes me feel a little cooler than I actually am.

Olive and June recently created a new polish set, (4 dreamy shades that look super cute together) called the Fall in Love set, and I saw that I already had all the shades and had to try it out. I never would have thought to put a red with the other colors, but look how cute!

From pinkie to index finger: HGC, Study Hall, World Lit, LD

New customers can use my code, kristeng20 for 20% off a manicure system, just click on any of the links above to shop!

Fall Scents

I have officially moved on from my Otherland summer candles, to all the Target fall candles. Dale and I decided to grab a bunch of small ones, so we can switch up the scent, depending on what we’re in the mood for. I like the scents that lean more towards cinnamon and spice, and Dale likes apple so we have some that we both like! I basically love lighting them anytime, but my favorite is lighting one right before Dale comes home from school - he loves the smell as soon as he walks in!

Dale’s favs are: Cider and Oak | Orchard Cider

Fall Home Decor

I love a decorative pumpkin. They’re appropriate for whatever the weather is outside, more so than your throws and textured pillows. I don’t go too crazy with pumpkins, but I definitely sprinkle them throughout our apartment and it makes me happy. My homemade fall wreath is also one of my favorite things to bring out this time of year! And if you don’t want to wait til the temperatures cool down, I think it’s totally ok to swap your throw pillows for darker colors and cozier textures. I’ve been eyeing this pink velvet throw pillow - I love pinks for fall! The pink pumpkin pictured was from Target last year, but I've linked all other woven pumpkins!

And there you have it! Once the weather gets a little chillier, all bets are off and I'm breaking out my boots and sweaters (duh) but these will keep me happy til then :)

Be sure to connect with me on Instagram if you're not already following me there, and Happy September!

xo, Kristen

*This blog contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission from any purchases made. I only share the things I love! Thank you for supporting my blog!*

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