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Black Friday Deals!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Dale and I spent a socially distant day with my parents - we were grateful for the warmer weather, we stayed outside and masked up, and it ended up being a really lovely day. And it now officially OFFICIALLY feels like Christmas!

I have never been one to go out shopping for Black Friday but if I do decide to shop, I'm gonna shop in my pjs online!

The way that I think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is this is the time to mindfully invest in some big ticket items that you've perhaps had your eye on for a while. Below are three things that I use everyday that are on major sale this weekend. We LOVE them, and if you're looking to invest in any electronics or kitchen items - you won't find lower prices all year.

Keurig K-Cafe

If you're looking to up your coffee game for 2021 - might I suggest my beloved Keurig.

My Keurig is on sale from Best Buy, starting on Sunday! Normally $199.99, it will ring up at $99.99, so be sure to wait til the 28th! I love that it has an attached milk frother - as well as coffee and espresso options. I will be honest and share that I hardly ever use the espresso option - I prefer the coffee setting, but I use the milk frother all.the.time. It's a game changer. Making coffee at home this year has been such a breeze thanks to my Keurig :)

A Vitamix

We have a Vitamix that we use everyday and LOVE. We primarily make smoothies and protein shakes, and the occasional nice cream and they are so smooth and just...awesome. The amount of frozen fruit we use used to be a problem blending in our smaller blenders - but the Vitamix handles it, no problem. If you're looking to invest in a high quality blender, this is the time to do it for sure - these deals are the best they get all year! This is the model we have, and you can shop a slightly less expensive model HERE!


Again, this is an item I use just about everyday. AirPods are a game changer when it comes to working out at home or at the gym. I now know that you can't even really plug headphones into a jack on your phone because they just don't exist anymore (lol!) and the prices will be at their lowest now. I have the standard version, and the lowest price I've found is $119 - you can shop them here!

If you're looking for the fancier version, AirPod Pros include noise cancelling technology, and are sweat and water resistant! The best price I've found is $169 - you can shop them here!


This was the star of our bathroom refresh! So many of you shared that you want to gift a Tushy this season - and now is a great time to buy. It's already on sale for $89 (I think I spent a little over $100 for mine) and you can get an extra 15% off with code BROWN15. (lol!) It's super easy to install and we're obsessed. You can shop for a TUSHY bidet here!

Here's to mindful spending this weekend, and taking time for lots of self care. post Thanksgiving :)

PS. If you're looking to shop even more, here is a list of retailers that I frequently shop - with their Black Friday Deals and Codes listed as well.

I hope you can use this as a Holiday resource!

American Eagle - 40% off and free shipping

Anthropologie - 30% off everything

Etsy - so many sales!

Francesca's - up to 50% off

LL Bean - Free Shipping with $50 purchase and 15% off with code THANKS15

Old Navy - 50% off everything

RugsUSA - up to 75% off

Rifle Paper Company - 30% off everything

Target - so many sales

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