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Gift Guide for Her - What's on My Wishlist and Some of my Favorites!

So we're here at December 14th, and I'm remembering that I am a last minute shopper, haha! Time flies! Instead of doing a bunch of different categorized gift guides - I thought I would combine my own personal wish list, as well as some of my favorite things, and make that it's own guide. I also did the same thing for Dale! It was fun chatting with him about the things he loves, and what he is wanting for Christmas himself - I'll make a separate post for that :) I hope you find this helpful as you shop around for last minute gifts, like me!

Kristen's Wish List + Favorites!

The Coziest Loungewear Set - I think we can all agree that this year has inspired us to up-level our cozy clothes, and a loungewear set is the perfect gift! I am in love with this set - it's so soft and I'll definitely be wearing it all winter. The sweater top goes well with leggings, and you can pair the joggers with a hoodie or another sweater as well!

An Amazing Pair of Slippers - My feet are always cold, and I wear these all the time at Home. I love these slippers, and they've lasted me for years!

My Favorite Nail Polish, Olive + June - At Home Mani's have been a big part of my self-care practice this year, and I've fallen in love with Olive + June. The polish lasts for two weeks, and they have a tool called the Poppy that makes my shaky hands steady, I would usually smudge my right hand polish all over the place trying to paint with my left hand, but the Poppy makes it so much easier!

A Cute Water Bottle - Everyone knows drinking water is good for you, but sometimes half the battle is finding a water bottle you love. This is the one I love! I've found that drinking through a straw is helpful for me, instead of unscrewing a top - and I love the color :)

Temporary Wall Paper - OMG, I fell in LOVE with wallpaper this year, haha! This cute lemon wallpaper is on my wishlist this year, because I'd like to put it in my kitchen! Peel + Stick is so great for renters - it won't hurt your walls, and its so easy to put on, and take off. And this print is gonna make such a big statement - I can't wait!

Rattan Phone Grip - Isn't this pop socket so cute? Another thing on my own wishlist, my old pop socket fell off and I've been missing it, but wanted to wait to find another one I loved. This one is it! This would make a great stocking stuffer.

Light Therapy Lamp - Daylight savings is still kicking my butt, and the cloudy days are especially hard. I'm hoping a light therapy lamp will help me kick the winter blues, and will be a great tool in my winter self-care plan.

Essential Oil Diffuser - I love that this diffuser is cost effective, works great, and is so pretty. It has different colored lights, and it automatically shuts off when it runs out of water or after 8 hours, so you don't have to worry about turning it off yourself!

Running Shoes - I have been prepping myself for gyms potentially shutting down again, and I've started running outside again. Investing in good shoes is always a good idea in my book! These are cute, and would make a good gift for anyone in my opinion, even if they don't run!

Standing Desk - Giving our work from home space an update will be such a gift for us in 2021. Dale and I, just like all of us, didn't anticipate we'd be working from home all year, and we're currently working from a vanity in our bedroom. It's hard to sit all day, and especially for Dale, who is not only a teacher, but a PhD student who writes 20 page papers all the time (!!!) - a desk that moves up and down is going to be so amazing! We'll be able to decide whether we want to sit or stand, and we're both so excited. Our low back and hips are also excited, lol!

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