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Gift Guide For Him - Dale's Wishlist and Favorite Things!

Dale is notoriously hard to shop for - and I imagine shopping for your partner might be hard too, haha! It was fun for me to chat with Dale about what he would like this year, and some of his favorite things! I've shared them here - and I hope you find them helpful as you do some last minute shopping!

Dale's Wishlist + Favorite Things!

Project Rock Headphones - Dale loves these headphones, and he went through a whole process to find headphones he actually likes, lol! Not a fan of AirPods, and needing headphones for the gym - he actually has both pairs, the ear buds and the over the ear! He wears the ear buds for the gym, and the over the ear ones for walks - they help keep his ears warm during the winter. Definitely worth it!

Buttery Soft Workout Pants + Shorts - Dale also loves these Vuori shorts and pants - another thing that took some searching, haha! I think finding workout bottoms that work for you can be a challenge - and Dale swears by these.

Standing Desk - Ok, so this was on my list as well, but really, this is a gift for both of us. He's really excited about it - having a desk that moves up and down so we can either sit or stand and do work will be a game-changer I think!

Stress Relief Gadgets - Dale has found that having something to do with his hands helps him stay present during Zoom meetings - he had a clothespin that he would open and close, but it broke, haha! He wasn't interested in fidget spinners, he wanted something that felt like a puzzle or a Rubik's cube and these seem perfect. Mirror Blocks seem like they resemble a Rubik's cube the most, but these move slightly different and the infinity cube can break apart and be put back in tons of different ways.

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