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How I Set Quarterly + Monthly Goals + my Home Project List!

Happy October!

It's the first full week of a new month - and I have always been into setting goals and intentions, not only for the month, but seasonally. I spent some time this weekend journaling - just reviewing my September, and looking ahead into October and the rest of the year. I thought I would share my goal setting ritual - as well as a list of Home projects to come!

Short term goals sometimes stress me out, and just like I shared last week with calming your space - sticking close to nature always seems to help me.

I believe 90 days is a magic number

3 months is a season, and tracking the different seasons in your life is a great way to set goals. A perfect example is my Summer season, over the months of June, July and August

I redesigned my living room, my kitchen, my bedroom and my dining area (without breaking the bank!) - simply because I set an intention to give my Home some extra love, I wrote my goals down and followed through!

So grab a journal, a cup of coffee and set some goals with me :)

Celebrate the Wins from the Month before

This is the first step - and one of the most important! I think before you look ahead, it's good to reflect on how far you've come and to celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. My biggest September win? Starting this blog!! A month ago this didn't exist and I'm proud of myself for saying yes and just going for it!

What do you want to focus on over the next 30 days?

This can be a brain dump. Let your mind relax a little and journal about how you'd like to spend your time and what you'd like to accomplish. If you're like me - you may write down a laundry list of things (lol!) and once you're done - pick just one to three! I speak from experience - setting smaller, tangible goals will set you up for success, and won't lead to burnout. Any astrology friends out there? I'm an Aries moon, and it shows up as wanting to be the best at all the things - all the time, even when I'm a beginner or just starting out, lol! That mindset also leads me to burnout - and we definitely don't want that.

What do you need to do to make it happen?

Action steps! What new habits can you adopt this month? Does anything need to change?

Write them down. Keep them in front of you. Take a little action everyday.

I do the same thing for Seasonal goals as well - celebrate last seasons wins, decide what you want to focus on, and create action steps to make it happen! Seasonal goals for me are usually a little less structured - I usually pick a word that encompasses what I want to focus on. I will also go back to my laundry list of things I want to accomplish and put them on the Seasonal goal list instead of the monthly one!

I decided to brain dump all of my Home projects - which inspired me to make it a seasonal list, instead of a monthly one. When I make Home goals - I walk through my Home with a notebook and write down any spaces that seem to be missing something, or when I sense a space needs a little extra attention. I live in a small one-bedroom, so for me - my spaces are not only whole rooms, but little corners or wall spaces! I'm encouraged when I look back at how my space transformed over the Summer - so here's a new list of ways I'm going to continue to love on my Home!

Closet Organization + Makeover!

This is a big project - but one that I know I will love. I have dreams of those super cute, super organized closets you see on The Home Edit or at the Container Store, just a mini version! Our closet is not very big, and it's a shared space (my husbands stuff is in there too!) but I know I can make it over - prepare for more peel and stick wallpaper :)

Desk Refresh

We did not anticipate so much working from home when we moved into our apartment this February. If we did, we maybe would have gotten a two bedroom (lol!) but the desk space we have in our bedroom is ready for some extra love. This project won't be too big, but it will require some planning and time. I'm thinking we can knock this one out in a day, over the weekend!

Kitchen Organization

Our kitchen is tiny, and from the outside, it looks perfectly tidy. But once you open a drawer - you'll see that that's not entirely true, haha! This project will take more brain power (at least for me, haha!) because we're gonna have to play Tetris - but I know we can find a way to make our drawers function in a much better way!

Holiday Home!

I can't wait to decorate for CHRISTMAS! I've never needed permission to embrace my holiday excitement - but this year it's a little different. One of the reasons I decided to start the blog was to create holiday content and really embrace and share my love for the holiday season - and I can't wait to deck our halls!

This list will definitely keep my busy til the end of the year - which project do you think I should tackle first? Let me know! I've also linked my favorite dotted journal here, as well as the cute stickers I put in the corner!

Be sure you're following me on Instagram - tag me if you create your own Quarterly + Monthly goals!

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