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How to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring!

Happy March, my friends! I don't know about you, but I am ITCHING for Spring. Last week it was sunny and 60 degrees and I just about fell over. It seems like everyone has an extra pep in their step when the sun is shining and it's not freezing anymore, and transitioning my Home from Winter to Spring is just as exciting.

I've put together a few ideas to help you put Winter away and welcome Spring into your Home. I tried to keep them as simple as possible - you don't need to redecorate everything of course (who needs that added stress?) but freshening up your Home can add new life to your space, and what a perfect time for that.

Add Florals and Greenery

This is first because it applies to just about everything listed below! Spring represents new life, and why not mirror what is happening outside in your Home? Trees are growing new leaves, flowers will eventually start to bloom - so let's bring that same energy inside. Now is the time to add plants or splurge on flowers for your kitchen table! Snake plants are my recommended green plant for beginners - they are super easy to care for because they really don't need much. They can thrive with or without lots of light, they can be watered every two weeks or even monthly. I also have a philodendron, which is another pretty hardy plant, and an African violet. My favorite plant is my fiddle leaf fig! She's not a beginner plant, but keeping it real, I don't consider myself a plant expert and I've kept mine alive for more than a year! Mine really likes being by a sunny window, she hates being moved, and she appreciates her consistent watering schedule, haha!

Redecorate your Coffee Table

I love this simple switch, and this is a great place to add a plant or flowers. Switch out your Winter candles for Spring ones. I do a rule of 3 for my coffee table - have a base like a basket, tray for coffee table book - then add 3 pieces of decor, like a candle, a plant, and some crystals!

Add a Spring Wreath to Your Door

I love a seasonal wreath. Something simple like a eucalyptus wreath, or maybe a basket with flowers will definitely switch up the vibe in your Home. I live in an apartment, and I will sometimes do a wreath on both sides - an interior and exterior one! This may be too much if you live in a House or own your Home, but since painting our interior door pink, I can't resist a wreath on the door that we can look at all the time :)

Switch Up Your Door Mat

Another simple, easy change. You can opt for brighter colors, a different saying (my Winter mat says Come In and Cozy Up - and its just not the same for warm weather, ya know?) and it's always nice to layer your door mats with a cute rug underneath. Apartment tip! The exterior of our apartment is not super cute. The door is bright blue and we can't really do a lot as far as decor. You can add a cute door mat and rug to your apartment balcony if you have one! It makes it a little moment as you step outside, and I love a little moment. And speaking of balconies...

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

I'm so excited to start spending time on our little balcony! I used to not think too much about our outdoor space - but reframing and seeing that our balcony is an extension of our indoor living space changed things up for me. Add some string lights, dust off your patio furniture, bring in some plants and set up a cozy outdoor spot for morning coffee or happy hour!

Update Your Art and Framed Photos

I like to switch up the art in my home, and now is the time to put away seasonal Winter prints and change them up to lighter, brighter prints. Rifle Paper Co has the cutest floral prints - I have a few of them sprinkled around the apartment! Spring is also the perfect time to check in with framed photos. Make sure the photos still bring you joy, or maybe you have new photos you'd like to frame. Bring it back to Marie Kondo - pick up your frame, look at the picture and ask yourself - does this spark joy?

Open the Windows!!

Last but certainly not least is an easy and free option that I think everyone will enjoy. Open your windows, let the sun come in, and get some fresh air circulating in your Home!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to tag me on Instagram at @kristengaraffo if you decide to freshen up a space - I would love to see! Happy March :)

xo, Kristen


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