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How to Style Your Home with Thrifted Items from Salvage Bohemia!

I love having second hand items in my Home. I love that having thrifted items is gentler and kinder to the environment, and I especially love Salvage Bohemia – a small shop in the DC area that curates beautiful thrifted pieces. I stumbled upon a Salvage Bohemia piece on Facebook marketplace, and after exchanging a few DM’s – Jess and I realized we were neighbors!

I received a box of goodies and thought I would feature a few Salvage Bohemia items that are currently for sale – and share how to style your Home with these unique one-of-a-kind pieces!

Woven Placemats

Honestly, I can’t believe these haven’t been scooped up yet. These placemats are so pretty, and look so nice on my white table. I love the texture – and I especially love decorating with baskets and rattan. I think this texture looks best with a neutral backdrop, so if you have a white table like mine – these will really pop! We don’t usually have placemats on our table, and it immediately made me want to throw a dinner party, or even just have them out for my husband and I. Flowers at the center of the table really finish it off too :)

Pink Dish + Large Mug / Bowl

Sure, you can use a large mug for a giant cup of coffee or as a bowl for soup or cereal, but when I saw this piece and it’s unique size, I thought it would be nice as part of an entryway set-up. Perhaps it’s random, but I immediately thought this would be a cute way to store clean masks. I paired it with this beautiful pink dish with a lid for keys! You could also use the wooden bowl I featured below for your keys, if you like. I like grouping décor in three’s, so I added a bud vase with some baby’s breath. The bud vase isn’t thrifted (it’s a Target dollar spot find!) but vases are usually a great thing to thrift as well! The bowls come in a set of two!

Rose Gold Mugs + Wood Bowl

These stackable mugs are so sweet, and would make a cute addition to any coffee station or kitchen shelf! You could keep them stacked like this, or they’d look so sweet on a mug tree. I think if you have everyday items that are pretty to look at – why not keep them out and displayed in some way so you can see them all the time! I paired the mugs with the wooden bowl, and I put crystals inside. If you have crystals, this bowl would be a nice addition to a meditation or yoga spot, it fit a bunch of my smaller stones!


This is just a small sampling of the goodies Jess has in her shop – if you’re interested in any of the above pieces – be sure to follow @salvagebohemia on Instagram and tell them Kristen At Home sent you!

Jess was generous enough to include a DISCOUNT code for Kristen At Home readers - all you need to do is follow both of our Instagram accounts and mention KRISTEN10 for 10% off your order!

Salvage Bohemia is happy to ship items to you within the United States, and if you are local to the DC area, Salvage Bohemia also offers in-person pickup!

Happy Thrifting!

xo, Kristen


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