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How To Give Your Small, Rental Bathroom a Refresh

This Election Day - I decided to tackle my bathroom and give it a little refresh. Updating my bathroom has been on my Home to do list, but I found myself discouraged a little.

How much can you really do with a rental bathroom?

If it were up to me I'd rip out the randomly large mirror and replace it, get all new hardware and lighting, and just do things I'm not able to do as a renter.

Once I flipped my mindset though and started looking at all the things you CAN do - my creativity started to flow and I'm happy with the small, subtle changes I made. You can still make your small, rented bathroom a cozy place for self-care! Here are some tips to help you create your own little bathroom sanctuary :)

Add a Small Table

I must credit this tip to Romika over at Within Warm Walls - I didn't think I had room for a table in my tiny bathroom, but I had been eyeing this one for a while, and it fits perfectly! It's technically a side table for a chair or couch, and it may be a little high for by my tub, but I like it. I made it a spot for our poo-pourri (lol!) and filled a pretty glass container with Epsom salts for baths. I was going to put bath bombs in it, but the ones I had were a little too big! I love that we have this little table, you could also put books or magazines there!

Find a Shower Curtain That You Love

Your shower curtain is usually the focal point of the space! Find one you love - my previous shower curtain was white and pink, that was similar to the white and pink bath mats I had.

While styling with pink is my fav - I think the smaller size of this bathroom overwhelmed me a bit, and I wanted to tone down the pink. I opted for white and black, and went with this Hearth and Hand shower curtain .The details are so pretty, and it goes really well with the bath mat I chose too!

Add Plants

Greenery adds so much to this space and really finishes it off. I will say that all of the plants I have in here are faux, and the best place for faux plants is Home Goods. They always have a wide variety of them, and they're priced well too! I have a plant in the shower too, its so cute there and it makes me smile to see it :) I read somewhere that even plants that are "low light" need it, and if they don't have any light they're just slowly dying. I would love to have real plants in my bathroom one day, but I will wait until I have a window!

Make Sure it Smells Good

Omg - please add the cutest little soap and lotion caddies to your bathroom sink. I love these Hearth and Hand soaps, and all of them smell SO good. I got the Gather scent - they also have just the soap. You can also of course add candles or diffuse essential oils!

Good Lighting

I wish I could add different lighting in our rental bathroom - we have one big giant overhead light above the mirror and it can be quite bright! We've added a Himalayan salt lamp night light that we use all the time, day or night. It's especially nice once the sun is down, or when we get up in the middle of the night. Salt lamps create a calming ambience, and the pink glow is enough to light the whole bathroom, without the harsh brightness of the overhead light.

Bonus: Add a Bidet

YES - you can add a duvet to your rental toilet and its wonderful. We take going number 2 very seriously (haha!) and we got a TUSHY bidet over the summer. It attaches easily and we are obsessed. Pair it with a squatty potty and you're in business!

Your bathroom should feel like a little retreat - a space for self-care and relaxation. I hope you found these tips helpful :)

As always, you can shop my bathroom by clicking the links, or check it out below! These are affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you buy through them at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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Millie Mcternan
Millie Mcternan

I love the idea of the stool! In terms of home staging, cute tray of spa items, not on the sink! Brilliant!

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