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Our Updated Home Office with Standing Desk!

When we moved to our one bedroom apartment just about a year ago - we never anticipated how much Dale and I would be working from home. We have a vanity from IKEA that we've used for years as a temporary desk space, and we also have a leaning desk that we love - that we've turned into our coffee station in this apartment. Even though our IKEA vanity has been a great substitute - Dale especially has been wanting an actual desk, one that has a larger surface area, and one that's a little more comfortable to sit at.

Or really - sitting has always been something neither of us love (Dale is a teacher and PhD student, and I'm a yoga teacher and actor - usually neither of us are sitting for long periods of time!) So when I started searching for desks, a standing desk was something that piqued both of our interests.

We decided on a Flexispot Standing Desk and we are loving it so far. There's a button that raises the desk up and down, it couldn't be easier to change the height of the desk. We also like sitting, but keeping the desk a little higher that it normally would, so our upper backs don't hunch forward as much.

I was debating on whether or not I wanted art, or a photo ledge to go on the wall - but ended up finding a gorgeous macrame mirror at Home Goods that I loved! I was planning on hanging it on the wall, but wasn't sure where to put it so we can use the desk at different heights. I decided to not hang it at all, and just rest it on the desk. It's soft enough that it doesn't damage the wall when we move the desk up and down, and I think it looks great! This mirror is about 25 inches across, and I've linked some similar mirrors here and here, and these are just a little bit smaller than the one I have! Home Goods has lots of macrame wall hangings to choose from.

As far as styling, I like to group things in 3's - art and a plant was a must, I had the frame and the Jessica Swift art and I got the small snake plant from IKEA! The small basket is also from IKEA, and we've tucked our headphones in it. On the other side, I just have the lamp, our Alexa and a small frame. I would like some more tiny picture frames, this one has been moving around, I'm trying to find the perfect spot for it, haha!

We let our laptops live here as well, whoever was working last keeps their laptop on top. Dale loves his laptop stand - even with a desk that is adjustable, it helps his wrists!

Having a work space in our bedroom isn't ideal - we'd rather keep it a space solely for resting and recharging, but living in a small space, and rolling with the punches of 2020 and beyond, we're happy with this small upgrade. Keeping the desk space minimal (not having papers piled up, or on the walls etc.) helps as far as keeping work out of the bedroom when it's time to wind down. We have a book shelf off to the side that holds my planner, journal and all my pens - and Dale keeps his work in his bag. It's also where his laptop goes when he's not working!

I highly recommend a standing desk if you've been thinking of getting one - and sprucing up your work space a little to help with productivity and focus!

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