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A Cozy Guide on What to Wear for Thanksgiving

One thing that has kept me sane amidst the pandemic this year has been getting dressed. At the beginning of the year, I found myself staying in pjs longer than I normally would, only getting ready for the day in the most bare minimum way possible. My energy levels stayed low, and it inadvertently kept my mood down. Getting dressed was and is an important part of my work from home life.

With the Holiday season upon us - finding ways to stay connected to normalcy this year is important - and whether you are safely celebrating with loved ones in person, or on Zoom, or perhaps you're celebrating solo - getting dressed and wearing an outfit I mindfully put together keeps me grounded, and is part of my self-care routine. And I always put together a cozy outfit for Thanksgiving.

I have always admired the people who wear pants with buttons to their Thanksgiving meal, haha! Instead of dressy - I definitely lean towards comfy and casual - and I want to look as cute as possible on a Holiday that centers around an enormous meal! So I thought I'd put together a few outfit ideas - without any jeans or pants in sight - from my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.

I was tempted to go out and buy new things - but the whole point of a capsule is to spend less, have less and get creative with your wardrobe. Especially at this time of year, where there seems to be Sales at every turn - shopping my closet was the first place to start.

Here are 3 outfit ideas for you :)


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