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Decorating for Fall Like a Minimalist

Fall is my favorite season – hands down. Now is the time where you begin to see Fall décor everywhere – from leaves on pillows, orange throws, signs that say “pumpkin patch” or “thankful”, faux leaves, scarecrows, and plastic pumpkins. And if you love filling your home with this kind of decor - there is nothing wrong with that! But I eventually found myself craving simplicity.

Anyone else?

A few years ago when Marie Kondo came out with her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Dale and I went through the KonMari method and I fell in love with minimalism. Being surrounded by only the things that spark joy felt incredible – and it’s a mindset I’ve adapted and kept.

Minimalism for me is about clearing clutter, buying less, and really knowing what I love and value. Curating what comes in and out of our home is how I practice self-care – it’s how I keep things simple. And you can practice minimalism with décor as well!

Here are some Tips for Decorating your Home like a Minimalist

1. Do I really love this?

When you hold that décor in your hands, does it make you smile or give you a little jolt of energy? Step one is always checking in with how something makes you feel, décor is all about bringing joy to your space!

2. Do I already own something similar to this?

I have fallen prey to this for sure – we like what we like! But that doesn’t necessarily mean we need more of the same.

3. Do I know where this is going?

Buying something because you love it can give you a jolt of happy at the register – but that energy might dip when you get home and find that you don’t have a place to put it, which may lead to more clutter. Go to the store with a plan! Know what you need before you start browsing the aisle so you don’t buy excessively.

4. Does this match things I already own?

I have also had moments at the store where I buy something I absolutely love without thinking of the things I already own. I bring it home and realize that while it looked cute on the shelf, or as part of a display – it really doesn’t fit in my own home.

5. Will this last me seasons to come?

I only want to bring in quality items that I know will last a long time and not go out of style!

My current Fall décor includes:

  • A Fall wreath

  • 4 Pumpkins

  • Acorn garland

  • Pumpkin candles

And that’s it!

Instead of completely re-doing my mantle, my coffee station and any shelving – I simply add a pumpkin.

A wreath is such an easy and simple way to reflect the season – and this year, I made my own! I followed a tutorial I found here, and I love how it goes with our pink door. This was originally going to go on the outside of our door, but I couldn’t resist keeping it inside!

Minimalism isn't for everyone - and I know that the term can feel overwhelming and even unattainable! I'm definitely not a minimalist to the extreme - I don't want to live in a tiny home, or be able to fit all of my belongings in a single suitcase (haha!) - but I do crave simplicity and find comfort in not having a lot of stuff. I hope you feel empowered to really treasure the items you love, and to let go of some decor that you don't love! My 4 pumpkins make my space the perfect amount of cozy :)

Are you a minimalist? Let me know if you have any questions about minimalism and minimalist Fall décor!



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