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Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Patio for Fall

When we were looking at apartments at the beginning of this year, the square footage that was advertised of our current Home seemed a lot bigger than what it actually was. Turns out they included the outdoor space, the balcony that opens up from our dining area, as well as our bedroom.

We haven’t really utilized this space, my husband and I are primarily indoor cats (lol!) and we live off of a main road that can get quite noisy. This summer I finally got some patio furniture, but that was as far as I got! As the temperatures dip, I’ve been wanting to spend more time outside, and our sad little balcony was asking for a little refresh. I was hesitant to do it in the middle of October (how long will I be able to really enjoy it?) but I decided that the season is too short, and I will squeeze as much joy as I can get out of this Fall! And it really doesn’t take much to breathe some life into your outdoor space - here are some easy way to cozy up your patio for Fall!

Fall Florals!

Of course - plants! Mums and pumpkins are a must, of course. I went to a local nursery to pick up my mums, and you can also find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’m happy I went some place local - they had all of the colors and were happy to answer the questions I had. I’m still a plant newbie, and I learned that mums like the sun, but don’t like to be dry, so I’m watering them a little everyday. I also got a cabbage, which I think are a totally under represented Fall plant! Cabbage and Kale pots are super cute, and add much needed greenery for your display.

When I was at the nursery, I kept putting plants together to see what colors l liked, while at the same time, I was thinking about what I already had. It’s always good to have a color palette, and mine for Fall is orange, pink, green and white (those are the colors of my Fall wreath too!) I grabbed the pink mum and the white mum, along with the cabbage - but it didn’t seem like Fall without any orange. I was tempted by the yellow and orange-red mums - but had an ah-ha moment when I remembered duh, I already have my pumpkins!

I got my pumpkins from Trader Joe’s this year - I like the heirloom pumpkins and at $8, they are the most cost effective ones I’ve seen! The orange pumpkins finish my color palette - but when you’re shopping for mums, you really can’t go wrong. All the colors are beautiful and they all look good together!

Swap Pillows and Add Blankets

Even though my patio furniture was sparse, the one decorative pillow I had was brightly colored. I grabbed a darker pillow case (mine is from Woven Nook! This one from Target would also look pretty cute) and added a pink throw. Fall colors mimic what’s happening in nature - and as leaves change and fall, it makes sense that the colors in our Home do the same. So the bright summery pillow transitions to a darker one, and we add a blanket for more coziness. The pink throw ties in with the pink mum - I got mine from Home Goods, and this is a similar one from Etsy!

Cozy Lighting

I learned over the Summer that your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space. I was hesitant to put any sort of lighting out on the balcony because we weren’t spending a lot of time out there, especially at night, but was reminded that you can SEE your outdoor space when you’re inside! So why not? Our lights will stay up until it’s Christmas time. My favorite thing about our patio lights is that they’re solar powered. We don’t have to plug them in, we don’t have to turn them on and we don’t have to turn them off. It’s... amazing. The brightness of the lights vary, depending on how sunny it is outside, and we love that we don’t have to do anything with them to enjoy them! We got ours on Amazon - you can find them here!

I’m so glad I decided to take the time refresh our outdoor space- we will enjoy it through November before we switch over to Christmas! I’ve linked everything below - Happy Fall!

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