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Holiday Decor and Gifts to Buy Now Before They Sell Out!

I have a very specific memory from last November, happily walking into Target, on my way to get holiday pajamas. I had seen them a few weeks ago, but had decided to wait to buy them - because it felt too early. Let me enjoy Thanksgiving first, or geez, Halloween!

Much to my dismay, the holiday pj’s were picked over, the design I wanted was gone online and in-store and the very few pjs that were still left weren’t in my size.

I should have jumped! I told myself that I wouldn’t make this mistake again. Buy the pjs!!!

And here I am now, a year later, with a Home blog - and with an opportunity to share with you all the things I wish I would have bought sooner! I know it’s bananas that Christmas pops up in stores before Halloween, and this year, still in the midst of a global pandemic - we are more excited than ever to welcome the Holiday season. We’re cooped up indoors, and the desire to turn our Homes into our own winter wonderland is strong - and I’m included in this, of course!

I’ve made a short list of decor I’ve experienced selling out, and a few popular gifts as well. If you have your sights set on any of these - jump at them now!

Holiday Pajamas

I’ve already told my pajama story - and I will add that this is especially true for matching pj sets for your family. These pj sets arrived at our Target this week, and Dale and I went today and certain sizes were already gone!! Target is the best, not only do they have pj sets for men, women and kids - they also have matching pet pjs. Did we get Charlie pup Christmas pajamas? You bet we did, haha! If your heart is set on adorable family photos this year - run! Here is the set my family got this year :)

Flocked Christmas Trees

Last year, Target, Michael’s, and Home Depot had all sold out of flocked trees by the time I started looking. Flocked trees are the ones that look like they have snow on them - and they are all over Pinterest and Instagram. I don’t live close to Walmart, but after looking online, they were the only place that had a few flocked trees in stock, so I made the trip. Walmart was PACKED and when I made my way back to the trees, I got the very last one. It was a little shorter than what I wanted, but I got it anyway. While I was taking the box off the shelf, someone next to me said, you got the last one! She had one in her cart too, and she told me she drove an hour to get it. “They’re sold out everywhere!” Yup. Trees haven’t popped up in stores here just yet (although I haven't been to Home Depot or Lowes) but when they do - get your flocked tree as soon as they’re available. Or order one now! This is the one I have - it’s also currently on sale!

Tree Skirts and Baskets

Another thing that seems to disappear in my experience are tree skirts and baskets. I’ve gone looking for both and all the cute ones seem to get scooped up early. This Hearth and Hand basket is beautiful, and the brand has really nice skirts too. Really, if there is any Hearth and Hand decor you like, I’d grab it now. Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines? Also - because I haven’t had luck with these, an alternative to a skirt or basket is simply wrapping a blanket around your faux tree. We use an older throw for ours!

In addition to decor, here are a few gift ideas to jump on, if you know you are wanting them!

Your Fav Keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are a great gift - and they tend to sell out quickly! I totally recommend my Keurig K-Cafe - the coffee is excellent and the attached milk frother is what sold me. It also has an espresso option, but I honestly never use it. If you wanted espresso more than coffee  - I would recommend a Nespresso!


These fly off the shelves. I wear mine to work out in and they’re a gym non-negotiable! I have the regular ones, and apparently AirPod Pros are incredible - the range is larger and they also have noise cancellation technology. Here is a link to my regular AirPods and to AirPod Pros!

Cozy Slippers

With everyone working from home - these are sure to be popular gifts. Currently, these Target slippers are trending and at only $10 - they’re a steal! I obsess over my LL Bean slippers - they are a splurge and in my opinion, totally worth it. I’ve had them for a few years, one slipper actually started coming apart at the seams, and because of LL Beans incredible customer service - I brought them in and they replaced the pair for free. Incredible!

Everything I've mentioned is linked above - and to make shopping easier - you can shop the post below! Simply click on the image, and move the arrows to the side to see more.

These are affiliate links - thank you for supporting my blog!


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