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My Holiday TV Console and Target Christmas Favorites

I wasn't sure about decorating our tv console for Christmas - but I fell in love with this fluffy flocked garland and couldn't resist :)

After clearing the surface - adding the garland was very simple, I wrapped little twinkle lights around it and added the flameless candles I already had. The deer are so sweet too! I needed something tall on the other end - and luckily I had an extra little house from the village I have on a kitchen shelf (I'll share that soon!)

Before I bought the garland, I made sure to measure the tv console, and check to see how long the garland actually was. I never used to measure anything - but now my tape measurer is my favorite thing, haha! I measure everything now, it is so helpful. This garland was the perfect size!

We have a fireplace - but putting one on tv felt appropriate, haha! They have these fireplace videos on Youtube - some are 10-12 hours, you can have it on all day! Just search fireplace :)

Most of my Holiday decor is from Target - so I thought I would round up my Favorites! I will continue to share my Holiday Home over the next few weeks of course - but I wanted to share my Favorites now :)

  1. Flocked garland

  2. Silver Light Up Church

  3. Twinkle Lights

  4. Pink Bottlebrush Tree

  5. White Bottlebrush Tree

  6. Rose Gold Ornaments

  7. Light Up Bottlebrush Trees

  8. Trio of Deer

  9. Ombre Bottlebrush Trees

Happy Decorating!

xo, Kristen

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